Phnom Penh (FN), Mar. 17 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen urged museums, institutions, and every individual who holds Cambodia's artifacts to return them to the kingdom. The Royal Government considered the action as a noble and respectful attitude that contributed to promoting the culture of one nation.

The premier spoke during a celebration of returned Khmer artifacts to the kingdom, held on Friday (Mar. 17) at the Peace Palace.

"I would like to call on museums, institutions, and collectors of Cambodia's artifacts. Please continue to return those plundered artifacts to the kingdom voluntarily. The Royal Government considered this action as a noble and respectful gesture as well as an expression of ethics in a significant contribution to promoting the culture of a nation. In this regard, it is a treatment to heal the emotional wounds of Cambodian citizens who suffered from war and Khmer Rouge regime," the premier underscored.

In addition, Samdech continued that Cambodia is searching and collecting evidences of cultural properties illegally plundered from Cambodia by cooperating with the international community and all relevant parties through various mechanisms such as negotiation, administration, ambassador, or court if necessary.