Phnom Penh (FN), Mar. 16 – On 10 March 2023, the Centre for Inclusive Digital Economy (CIDE) at Asian Vision Institute (AVI), in partnership with Woomentum, launched a Graduation ceremony of the Women’s Digital Entrepreneurship Programme (WDE) Training and handovers the certificates to 50 trainees, who successfully completed in their training.

"The WDE Training Program took place from August 2022 until January 2023. The programme consists of 2 groups, 12 sessions, 7 trainers and about 40 selected female trainees. The trainings targeted female business owners from small and medium-sized enterprises in Cambodia. The trainees participated in sessions such as Digital Marketing, Cyber Security, Financial Literacy and (Electronic) Business Essentials. The training sessions were conducted physically in the Khmer language by trainers who are experts or leaders in their respective fields.

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