Kampong Thom (FN), Mar. 9 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen said that the Royal Government of Cambodia has spent nearly USD2 million to purchase all pumping stations in Kampong Thom province in order to help reduce famer’s expenses on cultivation.

The premier spoke at the opening ceremony of the 7th River Festival held on Thursday (Mar. 9) at Stung Sen Park in Kampong Thom Province.

"We have purchased all the pumping stations worth nearly USD 2 million. Previously, farmers in Kampong Thom province paid 1,200,000 Riels, equivalent to USD 300 per hectare to private sector. Now it has been reduced to only 600,000 Riels, equivalent to USD150 per hectare,” the premier underlined.

In addition, the Royal Government also facilitates the cost of electricity as EDC charges only 480 riels per kilowatt hour.

Samdech expressed his strong hope that relevant stakeholders and the famers benefited from the efforts of the Royal Government.