Phnom Penh (FN), Mar. 3 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen announced to support China's 12-point proposal to end war in Ukraine, adding that this 12-point proposal aligns with the kingdom's position on the war in Ukraine.

The premier spoke at the closing of annual meeting of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday (Mar 3).

"On the one-year anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine war, China is leading in seeking peace and ending the conflict in Ukraine. Cambodia supports China's 12-point proposal because it acts in accordance with international laws, the UN Charter, and the rules for diplomatic relations between sovereign states," the premier underscored.

The premier continued that China's 12-point proposal also called for ending military hostilities. Based on experience, war is the worst way to end a war, and a ceasefire is the best way to end a war.

China’s proposal also called for resuming peace talks and stopping unilateral sanctions. The above proposal aligns with Cambodia's position. In addition, China's proposal also focuses on humanitarian, food security, and post-conflict reconstruction.

Samdech called on all parties concerned to carefully consider China's proposal to end the conflict and return to normalcy.

On 24 February 2023, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced China's 12-point political settlement of the Ukraine crisis, including (1) respecting the sovereignty of all countries, (2) abandoning the Cold War mentality, (3) ceasing hostilities, (4) resuming peace talks, (5) resolving the humanitarian crisis, (6) protecting civilians and prisoners of war (POWs), (7) keeping nuclear power plants safe, (8) reducing strategic risks, (9) facilitating grain exports, (10) stopping unilateral sanctions, (11) keeping industrial and supply chains stable, and (12) promoting post-conflict reconstruction.