Phnom Penh (FN), Mar. 2 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen shared seven recommendations for Cambodia's Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts and relevant parties to pay attention to promote Cambodia's cultural sector. 

The premier spoke at a gala dinner with Cambodian artists, held on Thursday (Mar 2) at Diamond Island Convention and Exhibition Center, Phnom Penh.

The seven recommendations are as follows:

First, to enhance the development of human capital in the cultural sector and ownership of conservation, promotion, and development of national culture; in particular, the creation of new artistic works of art with national identity in accordance with legal standards, professional ethics, and global standards to boost productivity and potential to compete with regional and international.

Second, to enhance creativity and innovation in the cultural arts development by using new technologies and initiatives to provide a fun experience and/or learn about cultural arts in modern and attractive ways for children, youth, women, elders, people with disabilities, vulnerable people, and tourists.

Third, to further strengthen the effectiveness of national cultural preservation works, such as the construction of heritage, antiquities, ancient sites, inscriptions, manuscripts, ancient knowledge, and Khmer traditions, customs, social practices, morals, and values of Khmer culture in pagodas and communities, especially in Indigenous communities.

Fourth, the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning, and Construction, Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, Ministry of Interior, and the Capital-provincial Administration shall study the possibility of establishing a cultural space in the master plan for the development of each city and town through the establishment of cultural villages, cultural community, cultural parks, cultural communes and/or districts cultures for entertainment, learning, innovation, creating new art products and organizing major cultural events such as exhibitions, festivals, and concerts.

Fifth, to further strengthen and expand the working system and mechanism in strategic method, including national and international cooperation to raise funds and techniques in supporting human capital development in the field of arts, culture, conservation, and promotion of national culture as well as industrial, cultural and creative development.

Sixth, the Royal Academy of Cambodia, especially the National Council for the Khmer Language and the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, shall jointly prepare new foreign language translations in the field of art, which is popular on social media.

Seventh, the premier calls on all artists to write and produce songs, music, videos and other works to celebrate the 32nd SEA Games and the 12th ASEAN Para Games.