Phnom Penh (FN), Feb. 23 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen shared nine recommendations for the Ministry of Interior's 2023 work plan, speaking at the annual meeting of the Ministry of Interior on Thursday afternoon (Feb. 23).

The nine recommendations are as follows:

First, further maintain peace, political stability, territorial integrity, national sovereignty, protect the King, protect the constitutional monarchy, and further promote multi-party democracy, human rights, and the rule of law in accordance with Constitution.

Second, in 2023, Cambodia is hosting many historical events such as the 7th National Assembly election, the 32nd SEA Games and the 12th ASEAN Para Games. For the election, all relevant parties shall have good cooperation with the National Election Committee (NEC) to ensure that the election is being conducted in free, fair, and just manner in safe and secure environment. For the SEA Games and the ASEAN Para Games, all relevant parties shall jointly cooperate to maintain security, order and safety during the events.

Third, the police forces shall further continue to boost capacity and enhance cooperation regionally and internationally to prevent terrorism, transnational crime, cybercrimes, all kind of human trafficking, and cross-border crimes.

Fourth, all relevant parties shall continue to educate citizens about traffic laws to avoid fatal accidents.

Fifth, further implement safe village-commune policy to prevent various crimes in society such as theft, robbery, illegal gambling, illegal drugs, domestic violence, and gangs.

Sixth, encourage the National Authority for Combating Drugs to cooperate with relevant parties and partners to review the legal framework, principles, and measures to prevent illegal drug production and use of drugs as well as rehabilitation of drug addicts.

Seventh, strengthen immigration control and prevent illegal immigration via border corridors and seaports.

Eighth, promote the effectiveness of public services and strengthen the capacity of subnational administrations.

Ninth, in order to maintain the life balance of poor and vulnerable families due to COVID19 pandemic, the Royal Government has launched program to provide cash support for those victims and received satisfaction results. Thus, the Ministry of Interior shall strengthen their support in identifying target groups to ensure efficiency, integrity, transparency and accountability.