Phnom Penh (FN), Feb. 22 – Chair of German parliamentary delegation Gabrielle Katzmarek said Cambodia's economy is thriving.

Gabrielle Katzmarek spoke during a courtesy call on Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen, held on Wednesday morning (Feb 22) at the Peace Palace.

Gabrielle visited the kingdom in 2009. Compared to her first-time visit, she witnesses that the kingdom has progressed tremendously.

“Cambodia has a healthy economy and development in all areas, which allows Cambodian citizens to benefit from this economic growth,” Gabrielle added.

The chair was pleased with the development progress and also respected the wise leadership of premier Hun Sen. In addition, she also praised Cambodia's stance on the Russia-Ukraine war.

She briefed the premier on her intention to visit the kingdom that aims to find a reliable cooperation partner and promote free trade agreement (FTA) between the EU and ASEAN.

On that occasion, the premier informed Gabrielle and her delegation that Cambodia strongly condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Cambodia has a firm stance to maintain world order in accordance with international law.

Samdech welcomed Gabrielle's initiative of FTA between the EU and ASEAN.

Lastly, Samdech told Gabrielle that ASEAN is a community that makes decisions based on consensus principle. In this sense, in order to promote a successful FTA between the EU and ASEAN, it is necessary to get all support from ASEAN members.