Phnom Penh (FN), Sep. 29 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen mentioned that the human trafficking has become a global issue, which requires global cooperation, speaking at the 6th National Interfaith Forum Against Human Trafficking on Thursday morning (Sep 29).

In July 2022, the US downgraded Cambodia, China, Macau, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Myanmar, North Korea, Brunei, Syria, Afghanistan, South Sudan, and 12 other countries in the third ranking countries regarding the human trafficking, alleging that Cambodia and those countries are unwilling to fight against human trafficking.

Cambodian government has pledged to work tirelessly to crack down human trafficking and other illegal activities.
On 28 September 2022, the Royal Government has received 300 cases regarding the human right violation and labor exploitations. As a result, 378 victims were rescued and more than 50 perpetrators were arrested.