Phnom Penh (FN), Aug. 3 – Cambodian army commander lieutenant general Hun Manet reacted to baseless accusations made by former opposition leader Sam Rainsy.

Hun Manet uploaded a video on his Facebook page on Wednesday (Aug 3).

In the video, Manet said, "it is ridiculous that old man Sam Rainsy, who called himself an intellectual and a veteran politician, baselessly attacked the younger generation like me on education degree again and again without taking responsibility."

"I dared him to bet, but he refused. I thought insulting me twice was enough for him. However, a few hours ago, he insulted me again without any shame, virtue, and maturity. Rainsy dares to say, but not to do," Manet continued.

Hun Manet called on Sam Rainsy to wager with him over allegations that his degree from West Point was a fake one.

“I would like to invite Sam Rainsy to wager in order for us to defend our dignity on the conditions that if my degree is fake, I will quit military; if it is a real one, Rainsy shall quit politics.”