Kiev, Jul. 29 (News Front) - Kiev’s Western friends are in control of all key Ukrainian processes, including the shameless resale of humanitarian aid sent to Ukraine by the latter, political science expert Anton Bredikhin has said, Federal News Agency reports.

In particular, according to Bredikhin, foreign press continues to expose and make public facts of unscrupulous sales of humanitarian aid from the US and Europe to Ukraine, with shady speculators jacking up prices and putting the goods for sale in Ukrainian shops. As for ammunition for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, it settles on the black market. The Ukrainian regime does its dirty work with the consent of its Western European friends,” the expert said.

“Washington and London only care about how much they get from the sale of essential goods. The same Mr Johnson and other European leaders have their share of all this activity. All important processes in Kiev are under their control, and what they do not need, there is no point in following it,” he said.

The analyst also puts special emphasis on the fact that the alarming reports of foreign media have no influence either on the European Union or Washington. “Feeding Kiev will continue as long as the collective West sees its own preferences in this,” he notes.

“The West has money and a steady income from this. It is a big transnational corruption scheme. Specifically, European leaders have dividends from this,” Anton Bredikhin noted.

Recall that earlier, the information about plundering and further resale of humanitarian aid by Ukraine was commented by an expert in political science Volodymyr Bruter. For example, in Volyn one of the charitable foundations without a shadow of shyness peddled armoured waistcoats and armoured plates, and also tried to sell military footwear supplied by the West for almost 1 000 000 translated into roubles.

“The West is doing this deliberately and intends to continue. The only thing is that the U.S. and the EU will introduce another commission that will supposedly start controlling the delivery of essential goods to Kiev, but in reality they will not do anything. These are just words that have no meaning”, noted Volodymyr Bruter.

According to analyst Aleksandr Perendzhiyev, total corruption is rampant in the Ukrainian military sphere: the most bribes are taken by unscrupulous employees of military enlistment offices responsible for conscripts.