Phnom Penh (FN), Jul. 29 – Hun Manet, a senior official of the Cambodian People's Party and the future candidate for the prime minister of Cambodia, said that the older generation youth is a role model for the younger generation, as today is a generation full of hope, vision, and perseverance.

Hun Manet spoke in a video uploaded on his Facebook on Friday (Jul 29).

Manet briefed that without wise vision of the former generation youth, the Khmer Rouge could occupy the nation or Cambodia could not become an independent nation as we had lost many scholars during the Khmer Rouge regime.

"All state institutions will not be led by Khmer if we have no clear vision to build our nation, to strengthen the kingdom’s capacity to become an independent state,” Manet underlined.

Manet added that the struggling of the former generation youth is the role model for the current next generation youth.