Phnom Penh (FN), Jul 28 – The National Assembly approved constitutional amendments of Article 19 (1), Article 89, Article 98, Article 102, Article 119 (1) and Article 125 and Article 3 and Article 4 of the additional constitution.

The approval was made by 105 out of 106 votes in the 7th session of the 6th legislature Thursday (Jul 28), chaired by president of the National Assembly Heng Samrin, with the participation of 106 national assembly’s members.

According to the Council of Ministers, the draft constitutional law has two main objectives, namely (1) to ensure that the top institution of the nation, especially the executive branch, can perform smoothly and sustainably in all circumstances; (2) to ensure the protection of peace and social security, public order and political stability of the nation in all circumstances to be the foundation for national development in all areas and the peaceful living of the Cambodian people.