Phnom Penh (FN), Jul. 27 – On 24th July, 2022, Morgan Tower, a core business centre in Cambodia which is the winner of many international awards office buildings such as international LEED, Property Guru Asia, and CREA, ushered in the successful completion. The heads of Morgan Group and the Group's partners gathered at the completion ceremony to witness the historic moment of the completion of the Morgan Tower and the launch of Morgan latest luxury residence, Morgan Star Palace!

At 8:00 a.m. the completion prayer ceremony presided over by Cambodian senior monks was solemnly held at Morgan Tower, with senior monks sprinkling holy water, and chanting. The atmosphere of the blessing ceremony was solemn, and the company leaders led all the staff to pray for the successful completion of the building, and may the facility have a bright future!

Cambodian monks pray for the completion of Morgan Tower

* The Completion Ceremony of Morgan Tower was grandly held.

The Morgan Tower completion ceremony was held in the morgan clubhouse's conference hall on the 46th floor of the building, where domestic and foreign dignitaries gathered. Mr. Ding Yongjun, Chairman of Morgan Group, Mr. Ding Weimin, Director of Morgan, Mr. Chen Yongquan, President of Morgan, Mr. Chu Zexu, Vice General Manager of Morgan, Mr. Zhu Zongwen, Vice General Manager of Morgan, Mr. Zhu Yongchun, Vice General Manager of Morgan, Ms. Pei Yangji and Mr. Zheng Yuncheng, representatives of Blueye, Korean guests, Mr. Yang Renshi, President of United Pacific Real Estate, and MS. Zhang Ting, CEO of United Pacific Real Estate, attended the event.

The strategic partners of Morgan Tower, such as Blueye, JX Partner Realty and the Korean owner of Morgan Tower, came to visit from afar; At the same time, more than 50 Morgan business partners and well-known business leaders in Cambodia attended the ceremony, and the atmosphere was pleasant.

Mr. Ding Yongjun, Chairman of Morgan Group, delivered a speech for the completion of the building and expressed his sincere gratitude to the owners and corporate partners who have long paid attention to and supported Morgan Tower and expressed his sincere appreciation for Morgan Tower as a Cambodian city the future of the commercial landmark has high expectations.

Mr. Ding Yongjun, Chairman of Morgan Group, delivered a speech about the completion of the building.

* Powerful companies cooperate with Morgan Tower for a win-win situation in the future.

On the occasion of the completion of this year, South Korea's Blueye and Cambodia's United Pacific have officially reached a cooperative relationship with Morgan Tower. These companies and Morgan Tower officially signed a cooperation agreement. Morgan Group Chairman Mr. Ding Yongjun issued a golden key to the two enterprise representatives, congratulations on their smooth entry.

Signing ceremony for Blueye's Asian headquarters Entering

Mr. Ding Yongjun presented the Golden Key to the Korean owner

United Pacific Real Estate signed the Entering contract with Morgan Tower

Ms. Bae Yangji, representative of Blueye, and Ms. Zhang Ting, representative CEO of United Pacific Real Estate said : Morgan is a powerful Cambodian large-scale integrated real estate company, believed in Morgan's sincerity, strength, and quality. Cambodia is a hot country for investment, and Morgan is the best choice for investment and enterprise development in this country. As more and more enterprises enter here, it will surely open a new chapter in Cambodia's business development, strong cooperation, and win-win situation in the future!

* Morgan's top mansion Morgan Tower Star Palace was released in the ceremony!

Coinciding with the completion, Morgan's latest luxury product, Morgan Tower Star Palace, was also officially released on the same day as the completion.
Mr. Chu Zexu, Vice General Manager of Morgan Group, introduced Morgan's latest luxury housing products in detail to the guests and, after the event, invited the guests to visit the Morgan Tower Star Palace model room located on the 45th floor of the building.

Mr. Chu Zexu, Vice General Manager of Morgan Group, introduced the Morgan Tower Star Palace mansion.

Under the guidance of the property consultant, the guests experienced the magnificent scenery and luxurious decoration of Cambodia's riverside mansions. In this case, they all praised this international benchmark architectural work representing Cambodia's highest luxury house life quality. They look out of the window; the vast Mekong River Bay and the bustling Phnom Penh city are in sight. The visitors highly affirmed Morgan's strategic vision and spoke highly of the outstanding quality of the mansion.

* Morgan Tower - A landmark building in Cambodia's CBD

The International LEED Gold Medal Architectural Work - Morgan Tower, an international business landmark in Cambodia, is located on Diamond Island in the centre of Phnom Penh's businees centre and the financial key where the three rivers converge in this city. The building is only about 500 meters from the entrance of the Treasure Island Bridge in the new economic zone, Morgan. With its excellent strategic vision, the Group has brought together the high-quality global resources of the capital and cultivated the development of Cambodia in the new era as a business card for Cambodia's high-end business.

* The Best Luxury Mansion, Morgan Tower Star Palace

In 2022, the grand launch of morgan's top products, the Star Palace series, symbolizes the birth of Cambodia's first world-class luxury Mansion, contributing to Cambodia's prosperity!

The first phase of Star Palace is located on the 43-45th floor of Morgan Tower , the heart of Cambodia's Phnom Penh CBD,with a 210m high overlooks , 270° excellent view at the cross of the three river's.

As Phnom Penh's first vertical luxury living property in the city's centre, the Morgan Tower Star Palace refresh the definition of a mansion in Cambodia with 500㎡ to 1000㎡ private custom large penthouses. It attracts the attention of the world's wealthiest people and is bound to become the residence of every top leader.

* Extraordinary design concept

Morgan's designers pay tribute to Vann Molyvann, chief architect of Cambodia's "Golden Age", combining the textile aesthetic of Khmer with the Low-E glass curtain wall craftsmanship, with just four households per floor. Its height of 3.9 meters stands above the clouds in a comfortable and transparent style.

* Magnificent scenery

Each household has 270 ° no dead-angle windows, more than 200 square meters of living room, floor-to-ceiling windows, and the most extended window can be up to 28m; the five beautiful scenery such as the sky, the earth, the river, the island, the city, can be seen, the day and night beauty of riverside is next to you.

* Flowing space in the clouds

Morgan Tower Star Palace inherits the design concept of "Less is More" from Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe. The whole house adopts the frame structure without a shear wall and the design methods of asymmetry, chaining, and other design techniques to refine the design of the functional area. It connects spaces such as the parlour, dining room, private bar, and Western-style kitchen. At the same time, the decorative design is based on natural wood and Spanish marble, supplemented by champagne-coloured metal, which calmly outlines the charming personality of the owner.

* The Beauty of Art and Philosophy

The end of life is art, and the end of art is philosophy. Star Palace introduces the concept of an advanced art corridor and a private wine cellar, allowing residents to collect their love and reflection on life.

* Entertainment can make your life more exciting.

Morgan Tower Star Palace is equipped with a private cinema, chess and card entertainment room, and a study room that considers the private living room and the general office so that you can also experience the charm of life in your busy life.

* The combination of motion and static

The functional areas of Morgan Tower Star Palace are distinct, and the bedrooms are all en-suite, with direct views of the Palace, Ta Chai Mountain, and the Mekong. Between the common family area and the rest area, a private butler room is set up to promptly meet the host and guest's needs.

* Respect Nature and be Higher Than Nature

As an international LEED Gold Award green building, one of the essential design concepts of Morgan Tower is the combination of nature and man. The primary creative team of the mansion uses a green fresh air system, intelligent central air conditioning, and light temperature system to track the indoor temperature comfort, oxygen content, air supply intensity, and light throughout the day to penetrate naturally into the living room to the greatest extent.

* Apartment Type Appreciation

Building area: about 624 ㎡
Unit type: five bedrooms, two living rooms, six bathrooms, two kitchens, one audio-visual room

Floor height: 3.9m
Location: Morgan Tower Star Palace 43-45F, northeast corner

Morgan Tower Star Palace, the first phase of the Star Palace mansion property is selling hot. In the future, the series will continue to open the second phase of the Large Flat Mansion in Morgan EnMasion, inviting guests to come and see it.