Sihanoukville (FN), Jul. 12 – To ensure the smooth running of the 32nd SEA Games, the Preah Sihanouk provincial shooting venue groundbreaking ceremony jointly organized by the Cambodia Shooting Federation and Lixin Group was successfully completed on 9 July 2022.

Representatives of the Cambodian Shooting Federation, representatives of the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia, Kevin Hsu, CEO of Lixin Group, guests and media were also present to witness this important moment.

During the ceremony, Kevin Hsu, CEO of Lixin Group, expressed his sincere welcome and thanks to all the leaders at all levels, friends and partner organizations who have been supporting and caring for Lixin Group throughout the years, as well as to the guests who came to attend the ceremony despite their busy schedules!

Kevin Hsu said that Cambodia has made great development in sports, and as one of the main sports in the 32nd SEA Games, shooting sport is becoming widely known and loved by the public. After its completion, Preah Sihanouk provincial shooting venue will not only be able to host various shooting competitions, but will also be open to the public and become the shooting center of Preah Sihanouk province. The groundbreaking of the project will not only make up for the shortage of provincial stadiums, but will also lead to the development and enrichment of tourism routes and attract tourists to Preah Sihanouk province.

In his speech, the representative of Cambodian Shooting Federation congratulated the official groundbreaking ceremony of Preah Sihanouk provincial shooting venue and expressed heartfelt thanks to Lixin Group for its full support, and urged the relevant departments to strengthen communication and provide good services to the project related parties to ensure that Preah Sihanouk provincial shooting venue is completed and put into use as soon as possible..

Since entering the Kingdom of Cambodia, Lixin Group has always focus on the development of sports in Cambodia, from the construction of sports stadiums, visits of athletes, donations of sports equipment, etc., to help Cambodian athletes to achieve good results. With the construction of Preah Sihanouk provincial shooting venue, Lixin Group will further promote the spirit of Cambodian people to strive for excellence and health, as well as promote corporate culture, brand promotion and cultural and sports integration for long-term development of Cambodian sports.