Phnom Penh (FN), Jun. 21 – Former president of the court-dissolved opposition party Kem Sokha told supporters in Siem Reap that Sokha-Rainsy tie cut off as Rainsy left CNRP and joined the Candlelight Party.

Sokha spoke in the interview with RFA on  Tuesday (Jun 21).

“Rainsy not just left CNRP and joined Candlelight Party (CP), but also criticized me for not going to vote for CP,” Sokha said.

"In the past, I was with Sam Rainsy. Now Sam Rainsy left. Rainsy joins the CP. He did not just leave, he attacked me again," he added.

During a recent hearing, Kem Sokha once again announced that he does not have any contact with Rainsy, who is facing numerous lawsuits and is living in exile. Sokha claimed that he and Rainsy are not as one as the latter claimed.

On 28 November 2021, Kem Sokha announced that he and Rainsy are not as one and he warned Rainsy to stop using his images and name to serve Rainsy’s political ambitions.

“I observe that until now, Sam Rainsy and his colleagues continue to use my name and images without my consent in their illegal activities. In fact, Rainsy and his colleagues have walked away from the principles and spirit of unity to establish various political movements. Recently, they openly support their former party, the Candlelight Party,” Sokha wrote on his Facebook on 28 November 2021.