Tbong Khmum (FN), Jun. 20 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen said that Viet Nam and Cambodian People's Party (CPP) received justice through the success of the Khmer Rouge trials recognized by the United Nations.

The premier spoke at the 45th anniversary of the liberation journey on Monday (Jun 20) at Cambodia-Viet Nam border.

"History recorded the intervention of the Vietnamese troops to save the lives of Cambodian people from the purge of Pol Pot regime. If you want to know if Viet Nam’s intervention was right or wrong, ask the hybrid court. It is recognized by the UN that Viet Nam’s intervention was right,” the premier said.

The premier claimed that without the intervention from Viet Nam, he could not image the situation of Cambodia today.

“If I did not ask Viet Nam for help, who would help Cambodia? Even the UN gave seats to the Khmer Rouge,” the premier said.