Phnom Penh (FN), May 11 – A Cambodian-American citizen Brady Nuy Young wrote an apology letter and asked for forgiveness from Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen over his past mistakes that insulted and used inappropriate language against the premier and his family as well as the Royal Government of Cambodia.

“In the past, I was misinformed. I trusted the incitement of the opposition party leader, who distorted news to damage the honor of the premier and his family and seriously degraded the reputation of Cambodian society," according to the letter seen by Fresh News on Wednesday.

“Due to the reason above, please forgive me with kindness. I sincerely hope that the premier will have mercy and will not punish a citizen like me."

Brady also shared his condolences with premier Hun Sen over the recent loss of his elder brother Samdech Udom Tep Nhean Hun Neng.

Brady was born in Battambang province, and is currently living in Long Beach, California, USA.