Phnom Penh (FN), Feb. 5 – The Embassy of India in Phnom Penh announced that the Government of India has approved 100,000 doses of COVID19 vaccines to the Kingdom of Cambodia on an urgent basis.

“This is in response to Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen's request to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for assistance in supply of COVID19 vaccines. The supply has been assured through the Serum Institute of India despite innumerable competing requests from partner countries and our commitment to our domestic population. The decision is a testament to India's appreciation for Cambodia as an important partner and its concern for the health and prosperity of the people of Cambodia,” according to the Embassy of India’s press release dated 5 February 2021.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen announced that the Royal Government of Cambodia has prepared 20 million doses of COVID19 vaccines for 10 million Cambodian people for free of charge.

According to the premier, among the 20 million doses of COVID19 vaccines, 11 million doses will be donated by Cambodia’s development partners.

"China donated 1 million doses; World Health Organization provided 7 million doses, and Australia granted USD 28 million to Cambodia for COVID19 vaccines support," said Prime Minister Hun Sen.

He added that the USD 57 million contributed from the King, Queen Mother and other donors will be enough to purchase the vaccines.

As China announced to provide 1 million doses of COVID19 vaccines, its first phase of 600,000 doses of vaccines will arrive Cambodia on 7 February. The premier expects that 500,000 Cambodian people will be vaccinated before Khmer New Year in April 2021.  

To date, Cambodia has confirmed 470 cases of COVID19 with 452 recoveries and no death.