Kandal (FN), Jun. 22 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen confirmed that despite the opening of the new international airport in Kandal province, the old international airport in Pochentong, Phnom Penh continues to operate but with more special functions, addressing at the construction site of a new airport in Kandal province's Kandal Stung district on Monday.

"In my view, the old airport is to be kept as the airport, but functions differently: (1) for military airport; (2) for local flights; (3) for air freight; (4) for private jets; and (5) and for welcoming high-level delegates paying official visits to Cambodia," said Prime Minister Hun Sen.

In response to the growing number of passengers arriving in Cambodia, the Royal Government of Cambodia has decided to build a new Phnom Penh International Airport on an area of approximately 2,600 hectares located in Kandal Steung district, Kandal province, and some land in Bati district, Takeo province.

The new airport project was announced on 11 January 2018 during a signing ceremony of investment project between Pung Khiev Se’s Overseas Cambodian Investment Corporation (OCIC), and Chinese company, presided over by Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen.

The new 4F type airport, capable of accommodating Airbus A380-800 and Boeing 747-800, will cost around USD 1.5 billion, in which $1.1 billion is the loan from foreign bank, and USD 280 million is the investment of OCIC Company; the rest 10 percent is from the government.