Phnom Penh (FN), Jun. 22 – Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen said Covid-19 could not kill Royal Government of Cambodia.

“The government possesses capacity to pay civil servants and provide assistance to disadvantaged people,” the premier spoke Monday when he visited the construction site of a new airport in Kandal province's Kandal Stung district.

In response to some Facebook’s comments that next year Cambodian government will not be able to remunerate the salary for the civil servants, Hun Sen said, “I want to clarify that Covid-19 could not destroy Hun Sen government. Even amidst Covid-19, the government still has the ability to promote the salary for armed forces and continues to remunerate twice a month.”

Despite the fact that no local Cambodian person has died of Covid-19, the opposition group still seized the opportunity to attack the Royal Government of Cambodia and urge people to stop paying the money they borrowed from the banks.

Addressing Monday morning, the premier said, "If you wait for Hun Sen’s failure, you are getting lost.”

“During Covid-19 period, we have yet faced a situation where people died of starvation which we are not informed or unable to solve the problem,” he added.

“Never underestimate Hun Sen government, and Hun Sen's ability to solve problems. Otherwise, Hun Sen will not stand out in Cambodian politics for 41 years; 26-year-old becoming a minister and 32-year-old as prime minister and has led [the country] for more than 35 years.”

From next month on, Cambodia will allocate USD 25 million per month to support more than 600,000 families.

“While we fundraised USD 15 million to curb Covid-19, we have only spent approximately USD 8 million to purchase protective equipment and food to our storages."

"These are the details I explain to you. I want you to wrongly evaluate my actions. What we achieve are their weaknesses,” the premier underlined.

The Royal Government earns about USD 400 million per month, and spends only USD 200 million on salary remunerations, according to Prime Minister Hun Sen.