Phnom Penh (FN), June 1 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen warned to arrest anyone who propagandises not to use USD 1, USD 2 , and USD 2 notes in Cambodian market.

The statement was made Monday in Sihanoukville where he made a visit to monitor the development progress.

“Whoever propagandise that Cambodian stopped using USD 1, USD 2 and USD 5 notes will be arrested even though the prison is full. If there is any place deflating the exchange rate on the above notes, file a complaint to the authorities for immediate action,” the premier warned.

The Strongman also reacted to statement that accused him of tilting from US Dollar and  Chinese Yuan in the Cambodian market.

On 28 May 2020, the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) issued a press release stating that the USD 1, USD 2, and USD 5 notes are still circulating in Cambodian market.