Kampot (FN), Dec. 21 – Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen has shared six recommendations to further promote the potential tourism in Kampot province, addressing Saturday at the 8th Sea Festival held in Kampot.

To widely promote the tourism destination in Kampot based on the slogan: “Kampot is a tourism city of cultural heritage and agro-tourism," the premier shared recommendations as follows:

First, must jointly maintain peace and stability at all costs. Without peace, there is no development and no respect for human rights and democracy; there would be only wars and fears all the times. Thus, Cambodians must join together to maintain the hard-earned peace, and must not allow any countries or any groups to destroy it.

Second, must jointly maintain “Clean City, Beautiful Bay and Green Sea” through ensuring the status of the “Rising Star of the Southwest” for the four coastal provinces by protecting the bay, forest and natural environment, with a great sense of responsibility so as to promote sustainable development in the coastal cities of Cambodia in line with strategy on Tourism Development for Coastal Provinces, as follows:
- Sihanoukville to become a “ tourist destination for vacation and a center of the cluster of the Cambodia’s bays”
- Kep to become a “high-end and luxury tourist destination”
- Kampot to become a “tourist destination for cultural heritage and agro-tourism”
- Koh Kong to become a “tourist destination for eco-tourism”.

Third, governors of the four coastal provinces must be well prepared to host the 2nd round of the Club’s World Congress in 2022 in Cambodia on the Development and Achievement of Cambodia's Bays.

Fourth, continue developing the necessary infrastructures that serve tourism sector, with the connectivity of one region to another including road, railway, maritime and aviation (such as connecting direct flights to the coastal areas- Sihanoukville and Koh Kong in the future).

Fifth, continue maintaining security and social order by dealing with issues of drug, gang, and theft which could bring fears and losses in confidence of national and international tourists. More importantly, must have a high sense of responsibility and do not allow Cambodia’s coastline to become a place for drug trafficking, human trafficking and transnational crime which are disastrous for our society.

Sixth, must continue promoting the production of supply to fulfill the needs of tourists, which is “On-Site exports”, as well as to strive to comply with the standards to serve tourism sector. Likewise, properly maintain and manage salt production in Kep and Kampot to create more economic benefits for people.