Kampot (FN), Dec. 21 – Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen reiterated that peace and political stability come first and that democracy, human rights, and development later, addressing Saturday at the 8th Sea Festival in Kampot province.

”We must maintain peace and stability. They are the most important things, more than democracy, human rights, and development,” the premier said.

“Before we can think of development, we must think of peace first. We already had experience from the past: the 1970s wars and genocide,” he continued, adding that: “Cambodia values peace, as we had lost million of lives in the past.”

The premier recalled that without wars in 1970s, there would not have been Pol Pot in 1975-1979.

Strongman of Cambodia Hun Sen advised media to screen the tragedies happened in Iraq, Syria, and Libya to raise awareness of the negative of wars among citizens.

He took note that democracy and human rights indeed contribute to maintaining peace.