Kampot (FN), Dec. 21 – Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen stated that the decision to stop online gambling was aims to save Cambodia from being home to money laundering and mafias, addressing Saturday at the 8th Sea Festival in Kampot province.

“I observed that if Cambodia’s economy depends on online gambling, it will harm our national security and social order, which are threatened by mafias and money laundering,” the premier said.

The Strongman underlined that Cambodia needs to develop the economy on the basis of cultural and natural tourism services rather than relying solely on online gambling revenue.

The Royal Government of Cambodia decided to stop granting licenses to online gambling inside and outside the kingdom, according to the circular signed by Prime Minister Hun Sen on 18 August 2019.

"All types and forms of online gambling in Cambodia are illegal and must entirely stop by 2019.”

The circular added that police and relevant authority must investigate and obstruct all forms of illegal online gambling.

It added that those who have licenses are permitted to operate until their licenses expired. After that, the Ministry of Economy and Finance will not renew or grant licenses to online gambling.