Phnom PenH (FN), Nov. 14 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen thanked venerable monks and citizens of the country for jointly destroying former opposition leader Sam Rainsy’s coup plan, addressing at a cement inauguration ceremony in Kampot province on Thursday.

"I would like to thank monks, citizens, and authorities at all levels for jointly preventing 9/11 coup by eating ambok together,” said the premier.

Prime Minister Hun Sen invited compatriots to eat ambok on Independence Day 9 November, in order to defend the Nation, Religion and King.

“To celebrate the 66th anniversary of Independence Day and the anniversary of the founding of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, I would like to call on all Cambodians to join eating ambok under the slogan [ambok khmer to defend Nation, Religion and King],” Prime Minister wrote on his Facebook page.

Prime Minister stated that it was strange that convict Sam Rainsy set 9 November as the date to arrest him and usurp the power. The Royal Government has no choices, but to use all means to eradicate all attempts to create chaos in Cambodia.

Strongman Hun Sen, founder of Cambodia’s modern peace, stressed that for Cambodia, the mission to search for absolute peace and unity was difficult.

He recalled that the previous generation had lost their youthful moments because of wars.

At the official implementation of National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP) 2019-2023, held at Sokha Phnom Penh Hotel on 7 November, Prime Minister Hun Sen reiterated the commitment to protecting the kingdom’s peace and ensuring the livings of people at any cost.

"My foreign friends shall understand that we have to manage a situation, as we have gone through indescribable pain due to the terms democracy and human rights and then coup […] we have sacrificed countless of lives and blood to earn the first absolute peace and unity nationwide in the history of 500 years," said Prime Minister Hun Sen.

"We have invested our lives to find peace and unity; hence, we must take actions to ensure that our people will not be dead, injured, or separated like in the past,” he added.