Phnom Penh (FN), Nov. 14 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has urged the Cambodian people, who were deceived by traitor Sam Rainsy, to return home.

“Please come back home. You will not be charged nor arrested,” the premier addressed in a cement inauguration ceremony in Kampot province on Thursday.

Sam Rainsy and entourages have continuously stated and taken non-stop actions in various means and forms to mobilize supporters both inside and outside the country to join him in toppling the Royal Government on 9 November and arresting Prime Minister.

Some former activists and supporters have been propagandized by traitor Sam Rainsy to join the coup, which consequently resulted in them being charged with conspiring to commit treason as well as having arrest warrants issued against them.

After Sam Rainsy has failed his 9/11 plan completely, Prime Minister has urged the Ministry of Justice to work with prosecution to withdraw the arrest warrants from them.

“We know that you are deceived. We could not grant pardon before 9 November, for the government is obliged to enforce the court orders and take appropriate measures [to protect the Constitution and safeguard peace],” he stated.

The premier also urged authority to open gates for Cambodian people in Thailand to return home and enjoy living under the roof of peace.