Phnom Penh (FN), Nov. 13 – The failure former opposition leader Sam Rainsy’s plan to overthrow the legitimate Cambodian Government on 9 November 2019 was due to the lacks of support from Kem Sokha faction and the international community, said former CNRP’s activist Hun Kosal.

In a recent interview with the Cambodia Daily, Kosal pointed out that the opposition's split was one of the reasons behind Rainsy's failure to repatriate to Cambodia. Another reason was Rainsy seriously violated the laws.

“Rainsy has violated the laws by urging for rebels to topple the government. Rainsy has pushed supporters far from him, as they fear of legal actions,” said Kosal.

It is worth recalling that in the obvious announcement of his return to the country, Sam Rainsy has continuously stated and taken non-stop actions in various means and forms to inspire his followers both inside and outside the country to believe that his return on 9 November would create a large popular movement to bring about changes by means of the overthrow of the Royal Government and the arrest of the Prime Minister; as well as to polarize the nation’s army through fund raising to feed them, and, even more disrespectfully, to insult His Majesty the King, who is always the nation’s symbol and most sacredly respected icon of the Khmer people.

The actions of Sam Rainsy and his accomplices have consequently resulted in them being charged with attack and conspiracy in treason as well as having arrest warrants issued against them, which the Royal Government of Cambodia is obliged to enforce the court orders and take appropriate measures to protect the Constitution and safeguard peace in the name of an independent and sovereign state that has just emerged from chronic civil wars and a genocidal regime that almost destroyed the kingdom to zero.

Although Sam Rainsy and his entourage have been facing serious legal charges, they have not given up on their plan to overthrow of the government by means of illegal force, and continued to sarcastically affirm the plan to a handful of their supporters. But the plan was not welcomed at all by international community and the Cambodian people.