Phnom Penh (FN), Nov. 13 – Minister of Tourism Thong Khon said on Wednesday that over 5.8 million national and international tourists had travelled across Cambodia during three-day Water Festival from 10-12 November 2019, an increase of 7 percent compared to last year.

“During the three-day Water Festival, approximately 5,816,711 tourists travelled to different destinations across the Kingdom,” said Thong Khon.

Among the 5.8 million tourists nationwide, about 90,000 are international tourists, an increase of 10 percent. In the capital Phnom Penh, there were approximately 4.7 million in total, in which 31,000 were international tourists, an increase of 14 percent.

Water Festival is the most magnificent traditional festival held every November. In Cambodia’s history, Khmer King waged war with enemies by sailing. He celebrated water festival ceremony every year to choose the champion of sailing battle and to honour the victory of Cambodian naval forces as depicted in the wall of Bayon Temple, and Batteay Chhmar Temple since the 12th century.