Siem Reap (FN), Nov. 6 – Cambodia is truly honoured to be the host of the 12th ASEAN-China Prosecutors-General Conference under the theme "The Role of Prosecutors in Combating Trafficking in the Region”, Prime Minister Hun Sen addressed at the opening ceremony on Wednesday in Siem Reap province.

In his remarks, the premier expressed warm welcome to all participants who are present in the land of Siem Reap, the wonder city of Khmer Empire in Angkor Era.

“Today, Cambodia is truly honoured to host this important conference in the time that countries in the region are fighting human trafficking – a dangerous transnational crime proliferating in our region,” Prime Minister Hun Sen stated.

Strongman Hun Sen stressed that the prevention, suppression, and punishment of "trafficking in persons" is an important policy that the Royal Government has focused on and implemented in all forms from the national to the sub-national level.

He added that “human trafficking" is a transnational crime and a crime that spans beyond ASEAN to the world. Therefore, in order to combat human trafficking on a timely manner, ASEAN-China member countries must come up with a principle of unity and close cooperation.

According to Head of the Royal Government Hun Sen, Cambodia has adopted and is drafting policies and regulation related to the prevention, suppression, and punishment of "trafficking in persons”. They include 2007 Code of Criminal Procedure; Law on the Suppression of Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation 2008; Criminal Code 2010; Draft Law on Surrogacy; Draft Laws and Regulations and Signed Memorandum of Understanding, under the regional and international framework, in relation to trafficking in persons, especially for women and children; the rescue, repatriation, and integration of victims of 'trafficking'.