Phnom Penh (FN), Nov. 5 – Cambodian opposition activist working in Thailand Sia Sinorng released a five-minute video on his Facebook page on Tuesday denouncing Sam Rainsy’s repatriation to Cambodia on 9 November 2019.

Sia Sinorng said that it is none of his business to accompany Sam Rainsy's repatriation and that he has stopped supporting him [Sam Rainsy] for a long time.

“Sam Rainsy's politics is weak, causing disunity, and activists to be in jail,” said Sinorng.

Sinorng has urged the Cambodian armed forces to maintain peace and security for the people on 9 November 2019. He wished that he would never see Khmer people bleeding again.

Sam Rainsy, calling himself the Acting President of CNRP, has appealed to fund military to topple the legitimate Royal Government of Cambodia; and urged Cambodian King, the Head of State, to abdicate.

Cambodian Royal Government, the court, and all-level armed forces have considered Rainsy’s act a serious crime, which would cause disaster to the nation and people.

The Royal Government announced to take all necessary legal measures to protect Cambodia’s peace, stability, and development,