Phnom Penh (FN), Oct. 3 – Phnom Penh municipal court ordered to arrest former opposition leader Sam Rainsy and eight of his accomplices, allegedly charged with “Stage a Coup” through a plan to repatriate from exile, according to the press release of the court’s spokesperson dated Thursday.

All the nine people include: Sam Rainsy; Eng Chhai Eang; Mu Suchua; Ou Chanrith; Ho Vann; Long Ry; Men Sothavrin; Tioulong Saumura; and Nuth Romdoul. They are subject to 15-30 imprisonments for violating Article 451 of the Penal Code.

“Staging a coup is a serious crime affecting national security. Those who involve in such plans are charged with “conspiring”, which faces a sentence from 5-20 years; if the accuses confess on a timely manner, they will be pardoned under a special regulation under Article 454,” the press release stated.

“Sam Rainsy urged for an illegal rebels to join the toppling of the legitimate government,” the press release underlined.