Phnom Penh (FN), Oct. 2 – Phann Vithyea, a Cambodian graduate of the US’s Naval Academy, wrote on his Facebook on Wednesday, condemning convict Sam Rainsy’s allegations over Army Commander Hun Manet’s fake degree from West Point.

Vithyea said that he cannot accept Sam Rainsy’s offensive claims that discouraged Cambodian youth, who are future leaders of Cambodia.

“As you can see in my photos, even though I was a Cambodian military officer, I was not allowed to wear my country's uniform or emblem which would make it easy to identify me as a foreign student. This is the purpose of the US Military Academy to avoid any unequal treatment of all students by coaches, while all trainees are taking part in the same training fields. We live in the same venue, graduate at the same time with the same degree,” Vithyea continued.

“Honour, courage, and commitment are the three words of the academy Sam Rainsy never understands,” he added.

On 28 September 2019, Rainsy told supporters in the US: “Manet’s degree is a 2nd degree and was given for diplomatic reasons as the US wanted to build good relations. They give this to the sons of foreign prime ministers and presidents to show off in their home countries.”

In response, General Hun Manet, on Monday, called out Rainsy to wager with him over allegations that his from West Point was a fake one, but Sam Rainsy denied.

“The real knowledge and expertise are shown through practical achievement and accountability without the needs to swear or wager like kids,” Sam Rainsy wrote on Facebook on 30 September 2019.

In the same statement, Rainsy said “Hun Sen and his family provide bad examples for the Cambodian youth and the education system in Cambodia by boasting their fake degrees or second-class diplomas associated with lower level education compared to the standard level.”