Phnom Penh (FN), Sept. 21 – Former opposition leader Sam Rainsy addressed His Majesty the King “it”, an extremely rude way to address a noble person in Cambodia.

“The current King has no power at all. Granting amnesty or not depends on Hun Sen. Thus, we must solve the issue of Hun Sen. For the issue of the King, it will solve by itself,” Rainsy spoke in an interview with Radio Free Asia in the night of 20 September.

Over the past few days, Rainsy has subsequently insulted His Majesty the King, while the court issued an order to arrest him.

“In the case that they accused me of insulting the King, I continue to claim that the King is just an actor for Hun Sen to use as a decoration to his regime,” Sam Rainsy wrote on his Facebook page on 19 September.

Sam Rainsy also spoke in an interview with Radio Free Asia on 12 September 2019: “Our King is the hostage of Hun Sen; our king is afraid of Hun Sen, as he wants to keep his throne. We cannot expect anything from the king who is the puppet of Hun Sen.”

Phnom Penh court Investigating Judge Koy Sao issued an order on 16 September to arrest Rainsy for insulting His Majesty the King, a violation of Cambodian constitution and criminal code.

Article 7 of the constitution stipulated that “The King of Cambodia shall reign, but not govern. The King is the Head of State for life. The Person of the King shall be inviolable.”