Phnom Penh (FN), Sept. 20 - It is deemed as a public declaration of “color revolution,” which Cambodia’s government would have proper foundations to prevent and curb to protect Cambodian people’s peace. What traitor’s group led by Sam Rainsy is doing has violated laws and surpassed the “red line,” which required actions.

On 14th September 2019 in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA, Sam Rainsy-fan group led by Mua Sokhua, Eng Chhay Eang, Ho Vann, as well as Tulong Somura - known as the utmost decision-maker - has issued a 5-point Declaration related to Sam Rainsy’s proposed repatriation on 9th November 2019. It is clear that Sam Rainsy would not be stupid to return for the Cambodia’s government to handcuff and imprison him because he was afraid of prison, and he would play ill trick on his supporters and make them suffered instead of him.

The declaration of the traitor’s group from the U.S. amounts to a declaration of “color revolution” to topple legitimate government. That of outlawed “rebel’s group” explicitly shows their ill-intention and “poisonous” tricks to push Cambodia, which is enjoying peace, political stability and development, into a fresh civil war. The traitor’s group has used “money’s power” to hire ordinary people to face “danger” instead of them or promised “financial support” for defectors, etc.

Such activities are truly harmful to the national unity. Such cheats of using finance have been employed long ago even before the last national election and the attempted “color revolution.” Where are their fund’s sources? These are only “sham.” They proposed the plan only to raise fund from Cambodian overseas immigrants for their own interests only. In every gathering or demonstration, there is a fundraising box. Where are their fund’s sources (to support their promises) while they even need to raise money to support their travel? Or are they funded by terrorists to cause sabotage against Cambodia?

Based on what the traitor’s group - includes Sam Rainsy, Eng Chhay Eang, Mua Sokhua and co. - is doing, its main purpose is to “change the brains” of the Cambodian overseas immigrants in a bid to raise fund to support their self-expelled life. For the sake of “money” and political position, as well as to fulfill their “shameless” power’s ambition, the traitor’s group has inflated the real situation in Cambodia by, as usual, defaming the government and inciting people to cause unrest, made interference into Cambodia’s internal affairs, and asked foreigners to cease development assistance, investment and purchase products from Cambodia.

The group has recognized that Cambodia is full of development with an annual economic growth of 7% and is climbing up to a low-middle income country and is on its way to become a high-middle income in 2030 and a high-income nation by 2050. Infrastructures, such as bridges, roads, schools, human resources, clean water, and electricity, are everywhere and people are fully enjoying their freedom. However, they keep raising problems for their political interests and try to “open up” Cambodia for foreign interference into Cambodia’s affairs. They risk Cambodia’s sovereignty, which Cambodian people try to safeguard, and “bowed their heads” to foreigners to “stagnate” Cambodia.

The “color revolution” plan they are implementing is a new version of their previous failed plan in 2013, and their organization has been “rooted out” following the dissolution of the former CNRP based on law. Any convicted Sam Rainsy’s attempts to “destroy” Cambodia’s democracy process during July 2018 election - such as “staying to win” - failed embarrassingly since Cambodian people didn’t abide by his appeal, but instead they turned out to vote with a rate of 83.2%.

Again, the same group made another attempt to ruin the well-being of Cambodia under the image of “change” and “color revolution” in their attempt of Sam Rainsy’s return.They have tried to ruin national stability and unity, as well as to attempt to overthrow legitimate government and to claim the power undemocratically through “color revolution.” What the group has been doing amounts to the dissolution declaration of constitution - the nation’s highest law instrument - and employed violence to claim the power.

The boastful Sam Rainsy has declared his return would be welcomed by 2 million people. How does the group find those 2 million people while it is expected that his supporters who would welcome him reach no more than 200? It is a false plan to serve his “ridiculous” ambition and the traitor even dares to “destroy” Cambodian people’s livelihoods and makes them risk their lives only for the sake of his power struggle. How do the 2 million people travel? It is an impossible scenario and a false warn.

Sam Rainsy cares nothing, no matter who would be suffered or jailed or dead. His sole purpose is to fulfill his power ambition and to pay his dad’s revenge. Certainly, Sam Rainsy dares not to repatriate but he would send those of his faithful to suffer instead of him. He and co are ready to risk to their faithful’s lives and would pay their families $100 for each. Sam Rainsy is so “cheap” that he even dares to risk people’s life in his political gamble, daring to take Kem Sokha’s life as a stake and insulting the death of Kem Ley as useless.

However, these are Sam Rainsy’s expertise – inciting for violent unrest, taking advantages over corpses, and being subjective – caring about no one but his own ambition. Sam Rainsy dares to pit Cambodian people against Cambodian people – or even kill each other – because this person has awful character and is revengeful. His ultimate goal is to see Cambodian people kill each other again, so that his traitor group has made every effort to ruin their own nation.

The declaration made by Sam Rainsy-led rebel group, together with their ill-purpose activities, are adequate, concrete evidence to charge against the group, and are foundation to prevent and curb the traitor’s group for the sake of peace, political stability and development of Cambodia. Traitor Sam Rainsy’s political life would undisputedly end on 9th November 2019, despite his struggle, and Sam Rainsy would be dead with no full body if he continues to violate Cambodia’s law and ruin Cambodia.

Nation’s “bad-star” Sam Rainsy would embarrassedly surrender in front of Cambodian people. Sam Rainsy’s group must know that they would become useless due to their misguided political strategies, and they would find themselves “fallen deep” in their insultation of his majesty the king – Cambodia’s devoted king who is protected by the constitution. While Sam Rainsy loses all of his value, Kem Sokha would overtake him in controlling the former CNRP and would deny Sam Rainsy’s role.

Sam Rainsy would fail in all of his battlefields, including the battlefield to control the former CNRP! Sam Rainsy is the mastermind of the outlawed “color revolution,” so those who associated with Sam Rainsy in the case would be charged in the same case. So, Sam Rainsy would end! If he returns to Cambodia, he would be jailed, and if he doesn’t return, his political life would end and has no meaning.

Cambodian people strongly condemn traitor Sam Rainsy – the monarch rebel who insulted his majesty the king. Traitor-descendant Sam Rainsy is a murder of Cambodia’s democracy, with his “color revolution” plan to topple the legitimate government. The Sam Rainsy-led attempt is a plan to betray his own nation and people. Those who associate with Sam Rainsy would see the same legal fate. Strict legal measures must be carried against the outlawed rebel, who attempted to overthrow Cambodia’s government through “color revolution.” Arrest warrants have been sent to any ASEAN member states, and handcuff and jail are awaiting the fake-hero Sam Rainsy.

Chao Chak Smok would like to advise those who “bought” by the traitor’s appeal! Please, do not fall in the traitor group’s trap because they are “cheating” on you, and the victims who would risk their life to protect the traitors would be you, and your family’s members would suffer from your loss. Sam Rainsy, Eng Chhay Eang, Mua Sokhua and Ho Vann would not volunteer to be jailed. What they are doing is to test their supporters and to raise fund for their personal use. They are the people’s enemy, who would ruin their harmony for the sake of foreigner’s interest. Cambodia’s government has clearly declared that at any price, Cambodia would not allow a small group of traitors to ruin the peace of the people across the country!

By Chao Chak Smok
Phnom Penh, 17th September 2019