Siem Reap (FN), Sept. 17 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen announced to support CLMTV’s initiative on mobility of social protection for migrant workers, speaking at the opening ceremony of the Third Ministerial Conference on Labour Cooperation in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam (CLMTV).

Held Tuesday in Siem Reap, Cambodia, the meeting convened under the theme “Toward the Protection of Migrant Workers in CLMTV Countries: Cooperation in Social Securities”.

“As one of the members of CLMTV labour cooperation Cambodia would like to support this CLMTV initiative on mobility of social protection for migrant workers through the introduction of various policies on the protection of rights and benefits for both Cambodian migrant workers in foreign countries and foreign migrant workers in Cambodia,” the premier stated.

He addressed that the initiative aims to provide more possibility for workers to benefit from social protection regime, despite the mobility of their work from one country to another country.

“This is the joint goal of CLMTV as well as ASEAN community and other countries in the world that have been implemented,” the premier underlined.

According to Prime Minister, CLMTV countries always address attention on the well-being of migrant workers through the implementation of protection and respect for rights and working condition policies in compliance with ASEAN standard and international treaties by considering the implementation of labour rights and social protection as the implementation of human rights.

He continued that Cambodia has also been implementing bilateral agreement on labour cooperation with other countries among the four friendly nations in order to contribute in the implementation of the Cebu ASEAN Declaration and Manila ASEAN consensus, which is the jointly agreed objective of the CLMTV countries on the mobility of social protection regime accomplished in the past.