Phnom Penh (FN), Sept. 11 -*Starting from the manufacturing industry, and investing in Southeast Asia for development for more than 26 years in coordination with the economic policy of Taiwan Government

*Large amount of land reserves in Cambodia and Vietnam, with absolute strength and reliable reputation

*Focus Group wins Taiwan’s 19th Golden Peak Award of Top 10 Outstanding Enterprises; Mr. Scott Wu, CEO of Focus Group, wins the Award of Top 10 Outstanding Entrepreneurial Leaders

In the real estate circle of Cambodia, Mr. Simon Wu and his industries, strong comprehensive strength, strict quality requirements and integrity without default in any payment are widely praised. By using a word of Mr. Simon Wu, he is a finicky man, while this finickiness focuses more on the requirements for himself and for the details of the work.

As one of the earliest Taiwanese enterprises to buy land and run factories in Cambodia, the shoemaking business under Focus Group owned nine shoemaking production lines and more than 8,000 employees with annual production of more than 4 million pairs of shoes in the period of most prosperity. At that time the shoemaking industry chain boomed, and Focus Group not only accumulated strong capital strength, but also laid a solid foundation for the diversified operation after the enterprise transformation of Focus Group later. Having run business in Southeast Asia for more than 26 years, Focus Group has accumulated a large amount of land reserves in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, Sihanoukville Port, Koh Rong Island and Vietnam, aiming at the large-scale development in Southeast Asia in coordination with the “New Southbound Policy” of Taiwan Government. In the election of the 19th Golden Peak Awards in 2019, with excellent enterprise performance, profit results and strong corporate strength in the past few years, Focus Group wins the Award of Top 10 Outstanding Enterprises, and Mr. Scott Wu, CEO of Focus Group, wins the Award of Top 10 Outstanding Entrepreneurial Leaders. Ying-Jeou Ma, the former Taiwanese leader, presents the award in person, and the son of Mr. Simon Wu, Mr. Scott Wu, CEO of Focus Group, receives the award on behalf of the Group.

*6 state-owned and privately-owned banks syndicated loan US$ 35 million

*The first international syndicated loan granting case of cross-border land construction financing verifies the strength of the Group

The premiere project SKY TREE of J&L Property Development Co., Ltd. under Focus Group is jointly participated by 6 state-owned and privately-owned banks, namely the leading Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Bank of Taiwan, Land Bank of Taiwan, Taiwan Business Bank, Sunny Bank and Bank of Panhsin, jointly lending US$ 35 million, which has become the first international cross-border syndicated loan granting case for land construction. This is not only the best verification and recognition of Focus Group’s reputation and corporate strength, but also will comprehensively enhance and strengthen the economic strength of J&L Property Development Co., Ltd. under Focus Group, so that it can further stand in the forefront of Taiwanese enterprises in Cambodia.

* By being localized, being committed to the development of charity and humanistic care in Cambodia, offering free physical examinations of employees and donating materials in coordination with the Cambodian Government, the developer of SKY TREE reshapes the model of Taiwanese enterprises.

There is no doubt that in such a special period of rapid development in Cambodia, it is very lucky to have Focus Group with economic strength, social responsibility and humanistic feelings for the city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, or partners of Focus Group and its own employees, and even for the future owners and users of the SKY TREE project of J&L Property Development Co., Ltd. under Focus Group.

Mr. Simon Wu, Chairman of Focus Group, spoke frankly that he is very grateful to the Cambodian Government for adhering to its open and inclusive financial system and providing businessmen from all over the world with opportunities for business and investment; meanwhile he is also very lucky to participate in the economic take-off and urban construction in Cambodia in this special era, and to witness more and more foreign people to come to this land to realize their dreams, and at the same time to make their own efforts for the development and construction of Cambodia. It is based on such special feelings that Mr. Simon Wu, Chairman of Focus Group, attaches great importance to the localization of the enterprise, and is particularly willing to train Cambodian employees, and provide more employment and learning opportunities for the Cambodian people.

At the same time, non-Cambodian managers in the Group are required to learn Cambodian culture and language, and free Cambodian courses are arranged for managers weekly. Moreover, JL Cambodia Charity Association is established to serve all groups in need of help in Cambodia. In coordination with the Cambodian Government, free medical examinations are organized for workers on construction sites and rice packs are distributed; meanwhile the Association also distributes nutritious breakfasts. Besides in the future more humanistic care charity activities will be organized monthly, JL Charity Association is devoted to help the people in need of help all over the country.

J&L Property Development Co., Ltd. under Focus Group hopes to gradually convey the image and spirit of the Taiwan enterprise to Cambodia and the world with its corporate culture and faith, and to make itself into a model standing on the land of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The purpose of J&L Property Development Co., Ltd. under Focus Group is that it is not a real estate developer merely taking profit-earning as the goal, but it hopes that it can become an architect of providing a better life and a builder of Cambodia’s national development, as well as a participant to witness the miracles of Cambodia’s development.

*Core location + all-around matching + full furnishing decoration

*The promising future of SKY TREE is expected to trigger the investment and house purchasing boom in Phnom Penh

Looking back at the SKY TREE project itself, not to mention that the project is close to Toui Kork rich area, adjacent to the outstanding location of the Prime Minister’s Office, near AEON II and matching commercial facilities of TK Commercial Pedestrian Avenue, only the private aprons of the project, star hotels, central swimming pool with ultra-large area, SKY BAR overlooking the urban landscape, fine decoration and household appliances are all enough to surprise buyers from all over the world. Apart from the above mentioned, the SKY TREE project is one of the few real estate projects in Phnom Penh to support one-time payment, commercial mortgage loan and installment payment, and partly provide high-quality sales conditions of two-year charter and annual leaseback. When the above-mentioned customer considerate policies are combined with highly competitive sale prices of the SKY TREE project, they naturally become the reason why many investors rush for the SKY TREE project.

It can be predicted that with the continuous growth of the economic momentum, continuous emergence of favorable policies and competitive influx of capital from various countries, the future of Phnom Penh is bound to be brighter and even copies the wealth miracle of Shenzhen and Dubai, transforming into a financial center in Southeast Asia and an international metropolis soon.

In the near future, with the full delivery of the SKY TREE project, we believe, and have reasons to believe, that the SKY TREE project will also write a living legend belonging to Phnom Penh and become the future landmark of Phnom Penh Metropolis and the benchmark for development projects!