Phnom Penh (FN), Aug. 27 – Cambodian Taekwondo athlete Pal Chivorn, on Monday, won the first gold medal in Taekwon-Do ITF Championships in Bulgaria, and that has brought Cambodian pride to the international stage through the showcase of the Kingdom’s flag and anthem.

Keo Remy, President of Cambodian ITF Taekwondo Federation, was pleased to announce that Pal Chivorn won the world gold medal, and this is the first gold medal for the Cambodian taekwondo.

Mr. Keo Ramy was also nominated by the Taekwondo Congress in Bulgaria as Vice President of the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF).

The ITF Taekwon-do Championship in Bulgaria is a World ITF Taekwon-do Championship starting from 24th to 30th August 2019. The competition was attended by 1,412 athletes from 74 countries and 17 national athletes.