Phnom Penh (FN), Aug. 21 – Cambodian Mine Action Authority (CMAC) and NPA organization signed a partnership agreement on Wednesday on cluster bomb survey and clearance project in eastern Cambodia with a budget of USD 425,000.

The signing ceremony was attended by Heng Ratana, the director-general of CMAC, and Rune Kristian Dale-Andresen, President of NPA in Cambodia.

“Today 21 August 2019 at CMAC's Headquarter, Mr. Rune Kristian Dale-Andresen, NPA Resident Representative and I signed an extended contract agreement for supporting cluster Munitions Remnants Survey and Clearance in Eastern provinces of the kingdom with grant total of USD 425,000 supported by the Government of the United States,” said Heng Ratana on Facebook.

The additional budget will cover seven months from 05 August 2019 to 29 February 2020 and will conduct the searching in 744 villages in seven provinces, he added.