Phnom Penh (FN), Aug. 20 -- Following his again-and-again changes of mind to repatriate to Cambodia – once said this or that year, this or that month or once said the date undisclosed – in what was seen as a strategy to threaten Cambodia’s government, such his trickery manner was more than enough to shatter the confidences of and disappoint the national and international public, as well as his activists, leaving them upset with his persistent lies used in the past by the traitor-descendant Sam Rainsy.

In a bid to revitalize his supports prior to his trip to meet up with a handful of Cambodian overseas supporters in Australia, convicted Sam Rainsy used the image of the demise Cambodia National Rescue Party – the party he robbed from Kem Sokha in what was seen as a party’s coup with the conspiracy of his accomplices, namely Mua Sokhua and Eng Chhay Eang, and declared 9 November 2019 – the 66th anniversary of the Cambodia’s Independence from France’s Colonial – as his repatriate’s date.

In fact, even a kid can predict how Sam Rainsy would do – he would not dare to return to Cambodia – as he was surrounded by plenty of lawsuits, with some cases having been ruled by the courts and some being in the process of being summoned. What is clear is that handcuffs and Prey Sor prison are awaiting his return.

Despite the fact that Sam Rainsy dares not to repatriate and he himself knows that clearly, the question remains why convicted Sam Rainsy and colleagues, including Eng Chhay Eang and Mua Sokhua, insist that they would repatriate on 9 November? The bias – but touted itself as independent – RFA Khmer, which directed by Chun Chanboth, even helps inflate the political-motivated news that convicted Sam Rainsy and some of the CNRP’s self-expelled officials would repatriate with the company of a few European Union’s lawmakers, and disseminates that their return aims at finding solutions to the political deadlock and national challenges, with one being to solve the EU’s threat to remove preferential EBA.

It looks as if “serious” at first glance. However, if one takes serious consideration, he will see that it was just a “sham” developed by the former oppositions in a bid to relive their “rebellion movement” and to test their former activists, who increasingly lose their confidence, and their declaration was meant to see if there were still supporters and to see if the foreigners who claimed to accompany the oppositions to Cambodia still dare to keep them company. The convicted Sam Rainsy also wants to see how much support he still has, following his breakup with Kem Sokha, and to see the reactions of the Cambodia’s authority – who used to declare to handcuff Sam Rainsy when return.

Sam Rainsy’s taking 9 November as his repatriate’s date was believed to have hidden interests for his group, especially shortly before his trip to see the opposition’s supporters in Australia. It could be a “bait” to raise extra huge “fund” – over its former plan to raise $300k to spend for his repatriate – while the business or first class ticket costs less than $5k. Why does he need such a lot of money?

With such big companies, how big is the plan and how much money would he need? It may need a huge load of money! Following their political career terminated by the foreign-supported “color revolution’s attempt,” the former oppositions seem losing a funding source – they can no longer lie the local Cambodians while also lose the confidence of the overseas Cambodians – as people see them raising money and fund during demonstrations but they rarely see the real outcomes from the money they donated.

What they could see was just the oppositions spending the raised money on air tickets, accommodations, food and even tours. Moreover, a video clip that went viral on 16 August shows that Eng Chhay Eang went to a casino in the US. He fonds of gambling – in Cambodia, he gambled a lot and even when he was on the run in the US, he still found time to gamble.

Probably running out of money from the trips and gambling, the former oppositions reinvent a new “lie” that Sam Rainsy would repatriate on 9 November 2019 in a bid to raise more fund for their group’s spending, not caring about the donors who made relentless efforts and risk their blood to earn the amount of money. What they were so disappointed was that their efforts were wasteful on the oppositions’ gambling and free-spending under the excuse of the restoration of democracy and human rights.

Convicted Sam Rainsy would not dare to return to Cambodia as promised and declared. Shortly before that set date, the traitor would find thousand reasons to excuse his decision not to repatriate. The declaration of his return on 9 November could translate into the last chance of his political life, and it could benefit people around him, especially Kem Sokha’s supporters who are benefiting from Sam Rainsy’s persistent failure in his political strategy. 9 November is Cambodia’s Independence’s Day but it would be a doom day for Sam Rainsy’s political life because:

1) If Sam Rainsy would not return as declared, he would end up in every battle – in a political battle, he would become a professional liar and a coward politician. Sam Rainsy could not savor his political life and may never return home even after his demise, just like his dad Sam Sary. For his virtue, he was nothing but a professional liar. It would spell the end of his career and his life would be embarrassed – he lives with no dignity and his death attracts no sympathy.

2) If Sam Rainsy dare to return to Cambodia as declared on 9 November, he would be welcomed by the authority no matter he arrived by land, water or air, because the authority is ready at any time and place to handcuff and put Kong Hean-modeled Sam Rainsy in prison. His remainder life may be not long enough to serve his sentence terms. Handcuffs and Prey Sor prison are awaiting Sam Rainsy any time and anyone who would accompany the traitor to repatriate with “color revolution’s attempt” may face legal actions because these are against law.

Hence, the declaration of his repatriate’s date was his strategy failure, as it ends his political life both ways, no matter he returns to Cambodia or not. The real intention behind his declaration of the return’s date was meant to raise money from their activists for their group’s extravaganza and gambling, i.e. Eng Chhay Eang. Moreover, the decision to repatriate or not was not based on Sam Rainsy to decide, but his wife Choulong Somura who was believed to be the decider. Will Choulong Somura dare to let her 70-year-old husband to be imprisoned? Plagued with mental health illness, following the defeat by Samdach Hun Sen-led Cambodia’s People Party in the runs of many elections, would Chulong Somura allow Sam Rainsy to be in prison, following the footsteps of Nelson Mendala?

Certainly, Choulong Somura would not allow Sam Rainsy to return to Cambodia to face handcuffs and prison as he may end up “dying” in the prison to serve his long-listed sentence term. And if Choulong Somura return to Cambodia with Sam Rainsy, would their offspring allow them? The answer is “no.” Sam Rainsy used to declare that he would be stupid to let the government arrest him like Kem Sokha or would die useless like Kem Ley. So if he knows he would surely be imprisoned when lands in Cambodia, would Sam Rainsy return as declared? To sum up, the coward politician Sam Rainsy certainly dares not to repatriate and his declaration of 9 November as his repatriate’s date was just a “bait” to raise more fund. If he dares and decides to return, please post his itinerary – and which port of call he will arrive in.

By Chao Chak Smok
Phnom Penh, 16th August 2019