Phnom Penh (FN), July 31 – Many Cambodian netizens reacted to the statement of US Embassy Phnom Penh regarding the wrong assessment on Cambodia’s general elections held in 2018.

US Embassy Phnom Penh stated that “Today, the US government notes the one-year anniversary of deeply flawed national elections in Cambodia. That vote was neither free nor fair, and it failed to represent the will of the Cambodian people.”

“The elections excluded the country’s principle opposition party and further eroded the country’s achievements in promoting political reconciliation and economic growth since the 1991 Paris Peace Accords. We call on the government to take tangible actions to restore democracy, including dropping all charges against Kem Sokha and other political prisoners, and ending the practice of using baseless, politically motived charges to harass its citizens,” according to the statement released on 30 July 2019 on US Embassy’s Facebook page.

Sophanith Loves Peace commented that: “Not free nor fair? When the Khmer Rouge held power, where was the US? When realizing the Khmer Rouge was killing Cambodian people, why did the US support Khmer Rouge to be seated at the United Nations?”

Reachely Thidapov commented: “Unless the winner gives up and let the oppositions lead that Your Ambassador stated the election is free and fair? Otherwise, the group that is hungry of power will cry like they did in the previous mandates. Many superpowers supported the election’s results, except the US. The rights of freedom to expression were granted, yet the opposition group used it to insult, incite, and accuse others. You [US] should advise them [opposition group] to behave to avoid being jailed.”

Ah Ka wrote, “I really hate this Embassy for not seeing Cambodia in the good way. Is it difficult for the US to be a good friend of Cambodia? Is it, US?”

Peng Sokun and Sor Hengnang wrote, “Over the past year, I have observed that my country is stable, peaceful, and developed.”

Chheng BunThan wrote, “Cambodia has successfully held the elections in 2018 with free, fair, and just. The absence of your son is the rightest thing of Cambodia to destroy the tragedy harming the nation and people. May the US Embassy stay far away from Cambodia’s internal affairs and understand the relations of Cambodia-US. You seem to have passed the line of sovereignty of the independent nation. Cambodia is fed up of the past.”

Chan Bo wrote: “You [US] teach Khmer to bite and avenge one another. If we do not dissolve the opposition, keep it for another destruction of our country? The cost of the former bombs has yet totaled, the US Embassy!!!”

Kongsun Tuon commented, “I really wonder of these long-nose animals. How long will they continue to haunt Cambodia? Is it supporting the coup in Venezuela is considered democracy? Unless there is a national disorder that you considered the liberal democracy? All the Khmer youth knows your behavior. For the sake of your geopolitics in Asia, you harass other countries under the images of human rights and democracy!”

Other Facebook users commented, “A superpower country, but speaks like a dog. What do you think when Kem Sokha stated that you [US] are behind the color revolution, huh gangster?

“You said no freedom and justice and do not represent the wills of people. I, who casted a vote, can say I have freedom, and justice, and I exercise my will to select my leader in favor. It is the CPP. Do not try to speak on my behalf.

“Cambodian people do not need an incitement like that. I never go against the US, but if the Embassy continued to do like that, as a citizen and the owner of the ballot, I condemn. If the US really wants to help Cambodia, bring your company, Ford, Apple, Microsoft, Intel to Cambodia. We welcome you with excitement.”

It is worth noting that Cambodia held her general elections on 29 July 2018 with the participations of 20 political parties and over 83 percent voter turnout.

At least 500 international observers, 80,000 national observers and 9,000 observers from various political parties supervised and monitored the election process. Unfortunately, some countries did not send their observers to participate in this process, but issued their statements, alleging that the elections were not held in a free, fair, and just manner.