Phnom Penh (FN), July 30 – In response to the US Embassy Phnom Penh’s statement released on 30 July 2019, a well-known Cambodian analyst, "Chak Chak Smuk", reacted that it is regrettable to learn that the embassy of a civilized and democratic country who boasted herself as rule of law nation violated the law.

The statement also protects its agent, the dissolved opposition CNRP, which failed to implement the color revolution.

The analyst’s reaction came after the US Embassy wrote: “Today, the US government notes the one-year anniversary of deeply flawed national elections in Cambodia. That vote was neither free nor fair, and it failed to represent the will of the Cambodian people.”

“The elections excluded the country’s principle opposition party and further eroded the country’s achievements in promoting political reconciliation and economic growth since the 1991 Paris Peace Accords,” the US Embassy’s statement added.

Analysts for the political situation in Cambodia also wonders, "Does the US Embassy Phnom Penh lacks of understanding on Vienna Convention or is it their intentional to ignore the diplomatic law?”

Speaking to Fresh News, the analyst continued by saying that the US continued to interfere in Cambodia's internal affairs. Evaluating Cambodia’s general elections is just a language to seduce its traitorous son. It is also unbelievable for such a great nation to do such an act without shame.

Cambodia has had enough with the US’s irresponsible acts, including dropping over 3 million tons of bombs on Cambodian head without an apology; supporting the Khmer Rouge to massacre the Khmer people, and now they are trying to keep take away the hard-earned peace that Cambodia enjoys. History clearly indicates that the America has never been happy to see Khmer grow.

“You [America] should be shameful enough, everyone knows it.”