Pursat (FN), July 26 - The director of Pursat Provincial Cadastral Office and two other officials were arrested by the Anti Corruption Unit (ACU) this Saturday morning on 27 July 2019 in Pursat province.

The arrest was led by ACU head, senior minister Om Yentieng.

According to the sources, reported on anonymity, the trio include: Cadastral Office director Leam Bunroeun; deputy director of construction Cheang Vuthy; and another official Te Buntheng.

លោក លៀម ប៊ុនរឿន ប្រធានមន្ទីរសុរិយោដីខេត្ត

លោក ជាង វុទ្ធី អនុប្រធានមន្ទីទទួលការងារសំណង់

លោក តែ ប៊ុនថេង មន្ត្រីសុរិយោដីខេត្ត