Phnom Penh (FN), June 9 - Following the appeal of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen in recent days, the word “Num Banh Chok Khmer” (Khmer Noodle) was written and spoken extensively on social media, especially on Facebook, the most famous social media platform in the kingdom.

“Did you eat Khmer Noodle for friendship, solidarity, and unity?” has been the most common question these few days.

Since the birth of Khmer noodle, 9 June marks the first day that millions of Cambodians eat Khmer noodle together for national solidarity regardless of politician and religious tendencies.

Eating noodle helps strengthen Cambodian people's friendship, love, solidarity, and unit, while the Cambodian leaders committed to continue maintaining peace, stability and development.

9 June also opposed the initiative of the former opposition leader in exile Sam Rainsy who used the traditional Khmer cuisine, noodle, to cause disunity and launch a revolution against the happiness of Cambodian people. The former opposition plan was failed in such a disgrace after Strongman Hun Sen reverted the attention from the opposition’s gathering, to "Khmer noodle party” nationwide and considered it the "day of solidarity and unity”.

9 June becomes a national day of Khmer food that preserves the glorious identity of Khmer as well as promotes Cambodian locals like rice and vegetable. It also opens door to the world that Cambodian people live based on solidarity.

Khmer noodle, Num Banh Chok, is rice vermicelli noodle with soup. Num Banh Chok Samlar Khmer is served with soup made of fermented fish topped with crisp raw vegetables including cucumbers, banana blossom, and water lily stems and fresh herbs, such as basil and mint.

Thank Prime Minister Hun Sen for organizing Khmer Noodle party nationwide that reflects friendship, solidarity, and unity regardless of political and religious differences. Khmer Noodle for peace; Khmer Noodle for unity; Khmer Noodle for national identity.

By: Chao Chak Smuk