Phnom Penh (FN), April 2 – Cambodian police arrested Facebook user Pheng Vannak, allegedly charged with accusing the Premier as a man behind the murder of political commentator Kem Ley.

Prime Minister’s lawyer Ky Tech filed complaints to the court on 1 April 2019 to arrest Vannak for using Facebook to incite public for criminal acts, a violation of the kingdom criminal code.

According to Ky Tech’s complaint, Vannak wrote on his Facebook page “Pheng Vannak News” as follows:

1. Pheng Vannak, owner and chief editor of Pheng Vannak New, representing car [driver] 2AF-7777, brought a donation of USD 5,000 to the funeral of Dum Rida.
2. Lim Cheayutha, CEO of Fresh News, representing [government]heads, brought a donation of USD 50,000 to the funeral of Kem Ley. Why Senior Minister Pich Sros did not file complaint to the Anti-Corruption Unit? What’s the difference between the two bringing donation [to the funeral]?

The writing above implies that Vannak incited the public [his Facebook friends and followers] to point Prime Minister Hun Sen as the murder of Kem Ley.