Phnom Penh (FN), March 12 - Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen announced Tuesday that the drug case at the Rock Entertainment Center is a serious case that shall not be tolerated, addressing at the annual meeting of Health Ministry.

"We must crack down the case and arrest the drug ringleader at any cost,” said Prime Minister Hun Sen.

The Strongman also announced to destroy the backbone of the drug criminals.

"I will destroy any official who engage in drug despite any post they hold," the Premier underlined saying drug destroys youth who are the future of Cambodia.

Kith Theang, owner of the Rock Entertainment Center, was temporarily detained at PJ prison awaiting for final trial, court official told Fresh News earlier Tuesday.

Oknha Theang was allegedly charged with "coordinating for drug usage" in accordance to drug law and criminal code.

It is worth noting that police confiscated approximately 50kg of drugs and arrested 300 people in a raid on 23 February 2019. The venue shut down later that day as authorities are investigating, national anti-drug chief Mok Chito said.

Prime Minister just reiterated today while meeting with Japanese delegation at the Peace Palace that the government’s top priority is human resource development and capacity building, while maintains the seven per cent economic growth per annum by adhering to the new motives and approaches.

“We have two motives – internal reforms and make friends overseas based on the principles of independence and sovereignty – combined with five approaches for better governance – self-reflection, showering, exfoliation, treatment, and surgery,” Cambodian Strongman underlined.