Phnom Penh (FN), March 4 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen warned Monday to destroy any groups that plan for riots in Cambodia, speaking at the Phnom Penh flood protection and drainage improvement project groundbreaking ceremony under the Japanese aids, which he co-chaired with Japanese Ambassador to Cambodia Horinouchi Hidehisa.

“Those who prepare for riots will not be allowed nor be pardoned,” the Premier warned. “Be careful of jails; you are not allowed to do politics.”

“I will do what I say,” he underlined.

The Strongman also revealed that he was informed of all the actions the dissolved opposition party in Cambodia did, even the meeting on the car from Phnom Penh to Takeo.

Cambodian Strongman also called on all prisoners in Cambodia to stop planning for escape.

“The experts know all your move,” the Premier warned, and urged them to stop.