Phnom Penh (FN), Feb. 15 - While convicted Sam Rainsy and his few traitor co were celebrating their massive success in harming own national and people‘s interest and economy following their rings of ‘no brain’ efforts for the European Union to remove preferential EBA, as well as their appeals for donors to cut their assistance, investors to stop investment and retailers to freeze their orders, almost all Cambodian people, who love peace and development, as well Cambodian oversea residents, have shown their firm stance against interference, their commitment to protect national integrity and their solidarity with Cambodia‘s top leaders, especially with Samdach Techo Hun Sen, who is central to Cambodia‘s solidarity and who had salvaged Cambodia from Khmer Rouge regime, bringing full peace and development, as well as equal rights in the international stage, to Cambodia like in the present.

Such firm stance shows Sam Rainsy’s traitor group and their foreign bosses that no one can break it because Cambodian people and their top leaders have learned a lot from their own history that foreign orders and interference in Cambodia’s affairs has never benefited the nation‘s peace and development.

The hard-fought peace - a result of millions of Cambodian people’s life sacrifices - and the well-being and development - a fruitful result of peace that Cambodian people were enjoying - were under risk by the efforts of the ‘power hungry’ Sam Rainsy and co who conspired with foreigners in a bid to overthrow the legitimate government and to claim the power in an undemocratic way. They made their foreign bosses to look down on Cambodia’s national spirit and sovereignty, citing human rights, democracy and rights of expression. However, such harmful and treason acts have been unfold and their organization - to bring about Arab’s Spring in Cambodia- has been foiled. Cambodia, which has retained peace during the last 20 years, doesn’t want to return to the history and Cambodian people are strongly against those groups who want to put Cambodia into the center of political-demographic rows between foreign superpowers. Now, Cambodia is standing on its own and protecting its dignity by not allowing any one to cause tragedy in Cambodia‘s soil again. Cambodian people are always behind the government to safeguard current peace, stability and development at any price.

In a purpose to carry on the execution of their foreign bosses’ color revolution to destruct Cambodia, Sam Rainsy was trying to promote himself and believed that he was the only person who could lead Cambodia to the development while he forgot that ‘a traitor’s blood was running in his veins’ - his father’s a traitor too. That’s the reason why they were always act ‘the same mistakes’ when our nation and people were enjoying peace and development. Cambodian people are furious and disgusted by the activities of traitors Sam Rainsy and co. They see clearly who are the persons who salvaged the nation and people and brought and maintained peace and achievements. What has Sam Rainsy helped Cambodia? Sam Rainsy and co have only destroyed Cambodia through their ‘cheating’ politics, which incites, fuels angers, inflates, raises social inequality and intimidates in a bid to chase away foreign investors and to wrack havoc, as well as unrest among academicians and investors. He cheated Cambodian people through promises to lift their financial loans and scrap some government‘s formal orders and letters. What he was trying to do is to bring Khmer Rouge back to Cambodia, where private property, freedom and human rights and equal living were removed, and people lived under surveillance with a bolw of porridge three times a day for all innocents. This is his ‘stupid’ policy with any well-planned strategy. Such uncertainty led to Sam Rainsy’s bewildered and self-destruction.

Such intimidations, especially exaggeration and threatening on the preferential EBA on Cambodia’s goods and products, is his strategy to deteriorate Cambodia‘s solidarity because the removal of EBA doesn’t mean the embargo of Cambodia’s goods and products into EU markets; the goods and products will be levied the same tax as goods and products from other countries. The EU sooner or later will remove the preferential EBA from Cambodia since the country was developing. Though partially affecting Cambodia’s economy, Cambodia must survive and strive on its own policy and economy even without preferential EBA.

Cambodia’s government top leader PM Hun Sen is trying to initiate more opportunities following the removal of the preferential EBA in a bid to strengthen its economy and sovereignty. Without EBA, Cambodia still survive, but it would lead to the extinction of Sam Rainsy and co oppositions since they don’t have support to continue to assist them and Cambodia will see no further interference hiding under the excuses of violations of human rights and democracy. Cambodia will survive in a true independence. That’s the reason why Cambodian people boost more confidence on the government‘s leadership in their pursuit to maintain peace, development and independence through gathering of all academicians to support the national solidarity and are not scared of by Sam Rainsy’s and co’s intimidation, as well as the threatening from any foreigners on CPP-led government, Cambodian people and investors. Cambodian people have joined hands in hands against the treason and to boost national pride and continue to safeguard development, peace, stability and human resource development which would lead Cambodia to develop smoothly. Cambodian people love peace and are committed to protect national motto - Nation, Religion and King.

Chao Chak Smok
Phnom Penh, 15 February 2019