(Phnom Penh) (FN), Feb. 13 – Following the Coup in the former Cambodia’s National Rescue Party to overthrow Kem Sokha from the party’s leadership, Sam Rainsy – who were convicted in numerous legal cases – has been attempting to stir Cambodia’s political situation by appealing to the foreign donors to cut off their assistances, the investors to cease their investments and the purchasers to stop ordering goods from Cambodia. In the latest round of attempt, he incited and persuaded the European Union to suspend its preferential EBA quota from Cambodia. Sam Rainsy has stuck with his ‘cheating’ politics and has ‘demolished’ Cambodian garment workers’ and farmers’ job. He, most of the times, cheated his handful supporters and looked losing his integrity and dignity in his political life. Lately, he has fabricated and shared news in an ill-fated attempt to hit Cambodia’s peace and stability. However, his supporters’ and his own incitement, framing and intimidation languages were ‘light’, ‘useless’ and ‘meaningless’ for Cambodian people and international community though the mentally-ill, revenged-minded convicted has tried every single attempt, albeit supports and well-plans by his ‘foreign bosses.’ A few nations were not happy to see Cambodia’s development, as well as its resistance and refusal to bow to them.

Sam Rainsy’s incitement and intimidation ‘words’ could only ‘attract’ a handful of overseas Cambodian people who were easily fallen into his tricks, but could not make the majority of Cambodian people anxious and worried. Cambodian people were clear that without the presence of foreign puppet, traitor Sam Rainsy and his group – including Mu Sochua, Eng Chhai Eang, Chulong Samoura and others – they were peaceful, worriless and fearless. After the 2018 election, Cambodia is peaceful and stable. Cambodian people were not worried about demonstrations and traffic congestions like after 2013 election. How peaceful Cambodia is when there is no presence of the traitors! If Sam Rainsy recognized that his words were ‘light’ and ‘useless’, why would he make every effort to confuse, inflate and exaggerate the Cambodia’s situation? And why would he declare his return to Cambodia in 2019 while most of the people were well aware that he is coward and would not risk his life in the prison? Could his incitement, social and racial discrimination and intimidation languages help restore his popularity and political stance?

There are several reasons explaining why Sam Rainsy and co. have resorted to take every measure at this time. Sam Rainsy had no position in the former CNRP following his resignations from the party’s leadership and membership back in February 2017, and after the former CNRP was dissolved, he was only a leader of a least popular rebellion movement. In Cambodia’s history, Sam Rainsy is only an on-the-run convicted and jail breaker, and handcuff and police officer are ready to welcome him any time. Sam Rainsy loses his political value, and becomes ‘useless’ for his nation and people. Cambodian people no longer believe in him, would never fall into his trap again and would not care about him. “No matter where he goes, no one cares” simply explains his uselessness. The totally broken relationship of his former allies who used to dwell under the U.S. and the West umbrella even make him lonelier, both in Cambodia and international political stages while Kem Sokha was deemed braver than him with regards to imprisonment. If it was to choose between Kem Sokha and Sam Rainsy, some nations would choose to care about the former, while the later was forgotten and ‘was pushed to the corner.’ One reason they did so is because Kem Sokha is the lawful leader of the deceased CNRP, which their foreign bosses insisted it was still a lawful political party. That’s why they talked about Kem Sokha, not Sam Rainsy and about CNRP not Sam Rainsy’s NRM. This is one of the reasons why Sam Rainsy was like a ‘soul who just learned about his demise’ and made every effort to reach a safe place as he raced against time to restore his last political life. However, his strategy was not successful as it even pushes his political life to the dead end.

Because Sam Rainsy knows that the chance he would get royal pardon for the last time is slim and would never be allowed to enter Cambodia freely, he keeps hoping in hopelessness that his foreign bosses would help him. He sees it as a ‘golden opportunity’ to attach himself to the diplomacy efforts of Kem Sokha’s group, led by Kem Monovithya, immediately after Kem Sokha’s arrest and former CNRP dissolution. Sam Rainsy is an opportunist – he robbed not only the former CNRP’s leadership but also the achievements Kem Sokha’s group has accomplished. In a bid to give hope to his movement, to show that he is active and could help reincarnate the CNRP and to help free Kem Sokha, as well as to seek back his foreign bosses’ support and confidence, Sam Rainsy has shamelessly decided to take cheap, offensive measures to attract people’s interest, as planned by his foreign bosses. Why would Sam Rainsy declare his return to Cambodia in 2019 when he had cheated Cambodian people about his return since 2015? His substantial lies repay him and lead to people’s disbelief. However, his declaration was only his exploitation. Sam Rainsy understands that close-ally Kem Sokha could not do anything and the remaining supporters were merely enough, so his return to Cambodia’s politics this time proves the opportunity to ‘work as a slave for foreigners again’. The games Sam Rainsy is playing are:

1. He is attempting to restore his value as his value dropped and no one cared about him. He was selling himself to foreign nations who had no good intention with Cambodia but used him as their pawn to ‘destroy’ Cambodia. Sam Rainsy is monitoring whether what he has done is attractive. Why did he declare his return in 2019 but no clue of the exact date? If Sam Rainsy got confirmation and full support from his foreign bosses, he would use it to negotiate with the CPP-led government – just like him and his co are doing, bowing their heads to the foreigners, allowing them to stump Cambodia’s sovereignty, forcing this independent, sovereign state to bow it head to the EU’s conditions in exchange for the preferential EBA quota. However, Sam Rainsy and co should understand that what they are ‘appealing’ interested no one, and he would pay the highest price in front of the nation and people when appealing for the suspension of the preferential EBA quota.

2. Sam Rainsy is keeping up hope for his movement, by giving hope to his followers, both inside Cambodia and overseas and trying to gather support from Kem Sokha’s group in a bid to use people power to take on the streets if they get foreign support. That’s why he and his few loyal supporters created a video clip about his return and tried to inflate that ten of thousands of Cambodian people were welcome and accompanied him. He was holding Cambodian innocents as ‘hostage’ and such act was against the law. Sam Rainsy could only lie about his return but was too coward to repatriate as promised. The real victims would be those extreme followers – some had been banned from politics – who shared the unlawful incitements since the original Sam Rainsy’s incitement was unlawful. “A family has its own regulations, and a country has its own rules” means the authority would not allow a small number of people to do whatever they wanted, by taking all measures to curb potential unrest which affected the country’s development and peace that Cambodian people are enjoying. In case Sam Rainsy dared to repatriate, it could be a foreign nations’ notorious plan to harm Cambodia’s peace because Sam Rainsy is the West’s pawn. They dare to risk the pawn to hurt Cambodia just like in 2013.

To sum up, Sam Rainsy is an enemy of Cambodian people. He has used all the tricks to harm Cambodian nation and people. Sam Rainsy is avengeful – if he cannot get what he wants, no one would. That’s why he incited foreign nations to heap up pressure and sanctions against Cambodia’s government and people, fueling Cambodian people’s and arm force personnel’s angers to rise up against the RGC. He tried every effort to defame Cambodia’s leaders in a bid to confuse and fuel angers among Cambodian people. He raises racial discriminations against Vietnamese and Chinese, as well as to voice against foreign direct investments in Cambodia. His attempt would fail embarrassedly since such incitement had no substantial influence and Cambodian people did not bow in to this trap.

Sam Rainsy and his co should know that Samdach Techo Prime Minister Hun Sen who has won confidence of around 77% of Cambodian people (4 889 113 votes), out of around 83.02% who turned out to vote in 2018 election, has declared his firm stance to maintain Cambodia’s independence and sovereignty, saying “We should not trade our national independence and sovereignty with assistance or anything else.” Cambodia has been well prepared to protect its independence and sovereignty at any price and would not tolerate any interference. Cambodia would not bow its heads to any foreign nations who possess ill intention to destroy Cambodia because Cambodia is an independent and sovereign state with equal rights and equal relationship with other nations and is not a subordinate of any state.

By Chao Chak Smok
Kamchay Mear District, 12 February 2019