Stung Treng (FN), Dec. 17 – Addressing at the inauguration ceremony of the Lower Sesan 2 Hydroelectric Project on Monday, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen urged the Electricity Authority to supply electricity to meet the needs of people.

Keo Ratanak, director-general of Electricite du Cambodge (EDC) stated that the electricity supply has reached 96 per cent of the country.

"If we don’t put more efforts, we will face shortages of supply in 2020-2021. We must also think about transmitting electricity to provinces,” stated the premier.

Although the electricity covers 96 per cent nationwide, EDC must strive to find a way to deal with the remaining 12 communities that are using private electricity supply with a price of US$0.497 to US$0.746 per Kwh.

According to the premier, 12,305 villages nationwide are using the national grid, an equivalent to 86.8 per cent; and 20 out of 25 provinces connects to the grids.

With the inauguration of Lower Sesan 2 Hydroelectric Project today, the electricity price will be reduced in 2019 and 2020.