Phnom Penh (FN), Dec. 3 – General Secretariat of the National Assembly in honored to inform the public that on 3 December 2018, 87 Cambodian lawmakers initiated to Propose for Amendment on Article 45-new of Law on Political Party, according to the General Secretariat’s announcement dated Monday.

The Proposal on Amendment on Article 45-new of Political Party will add a new a paragraph as follows:

“Individual whom the court banned from doing political activities could not create a new party, or participate in any other political parties, or be a candidate for others to vote, or do any activities to support or oppose other parties. Individual whom the court banned from doing political activities will receive absolute rights to legally participate in political activities when banning expired as determined by the Supreme Court’s verdict, or in the case that individual has been rehabilitated by His Majesty King as requested by Prime Minister in accordance with the proposal of Minister of Interior.

As the statement of the Proposal clarifies, the above amendment aims to:

- clarify, under a legal manner, the case of individual who is banned from doing political activities;
- provide possibility for above individual to be rehabilitated in accordance with this law.

The amendment also aims to strengthen multiparty liberal democracy, rule of law, and promote national unity.

Accordingly, may the public be informed.